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Multi-award-winning author Ewan Morrison’s 9th book is a gripping, high-stakes, high concept thriller, which fuses futurism with a powerful emotional core.

Emma is a young genius Silicon Valley scientist who dies in a secret AI brain chip experiment. Her voice haunts her father, helping him plan the killing of the Big Tech CEO who destroyed her.​

FOR EMMA is a ghost-in-the machine tale of bereavement and of a unique and conflicted love between a daughter and her father.

“A masterpiece….For Emma is an extraordinary novel; a treatise of love and loss, the terror of the modern world and the sprung, high-tech trap humanity has set for itself. This would be more than enough: awe inspiringly, it’s also a page-turning thriller, and it confirms its author as the eminent fiction writer of our times.”


Irvine Welsh


“Ewan Morrison’s harrowing and beautiful new novel, For Emma, is an early warning system for the future. In that way, a worthy successor to Easy Travel to Other Planets, Neuromancer, and, of course, Brave New World.”

David Shields - Reality Hunger


“For Emma is a brilliant book that you will devour. Its compelling exploration of love, loss, and the haunting power of technology and morality makes it a must-read, delving into the highly relevant and intriguing intersection of humanity and advanced AI.”

Bruna Papandrea - Producer - Gone Girl, Big Little Lies


"Heartbreaking and harrowing, this is a suspenseful journey into a family's tortured past and its nightmarish present.  Ewan Morrison's attention to the details of parental love and responsibility make this an unforgettable book." 


Atom Egoyan –  Director – The Sweet Hereafter



'A devastatingly accomplished and cinema-literate nightmare of culture-induced and morally bereft psychotic breakdown: the state in which we are all now registered, observed and disenfranchised. The poetry of paranoia, here, is so compelling, that we are forced to conclude that the very act of tale-telling, authorship, is being dictated by a terrifying otherness. Now read on. Please.’


Iain Sinclair – writer, filmmaker & RLS fellow


“Compelling, moving and terribly plausible.”

                                                                                                    Miranda France, author and editor

'For Emma is a haunting work, resonating and echoing for a long time after reading. Although concerned with AI, it is a human book, both grief soaked and love filled. In For Emma, Morrison has created a true masterpiece, one that endures as testament to his concern for our endangered humanity.' 


Ali Millar. Author - The Last Days


‘A stunning book. Deeply touching. A beautifully crafted page-turner. I love how we're sucked into a dark eloquent vortex, part gothic/sci-fi/ and detective novel, asking essential questions about AI, but also what it means to love and to stay alive. It has stayed with me deeply, particularly those passages about the father and daughter, the intimacy of grief. As relevant as Frankenstein.’


 Susanna Crossman. Author - Home is Where We Start



"A brilliant, breath-taking book. For Emma is at once a gripping techno-thriller, a chillingly plausible near-future nightmare, and a moving meditation on loss and grief. Morrison expertly weaves unreliable first person narratives together with scenes of nail-biting tension, sudden violence, dream-like paranoid diatribes, and redacted horrors in blacked out text. Without flinching, he never lets go of the humanity we stand to lose as technology accelerates. Reading For Emma is a terrifying glimpse into a dystopia so close, we can't avoid it.”

Bram E. Gieben - Strange Exiles Podcast



“A worryingly convincing vision of our imminent present. Ewan Morrison is our Michel Houellebecq.”

Prof. Gavin Bowd. Translator of Houellebecq



Haunting, eerie, and kinetic, For Emma is equal parts sci-fi, dystopia, family tragedy and portrait of an unravelling mind.”


 Mary Harrington


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"A writer of serious intent and
prodigious talent"


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