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The Daily Sceptic. 21 February 2023

AREO. 13 December 2022

Ewan Morrison examines a dangerous trend in mental health advice for Generation Z

Should we fear AIs becoming sentient? No says Ewan Morrison. We should be worried about being controlled by much less intelligent machines.


AREO. 13 December 2022

"We remain trapped in the twentieth century. The future has disappeared"

Ewan Morrison maps a future of Big Tech induced cultural stagnation tech that we must fight to avoid.

fear of future gen z.png

Psychology Today, 14 December, 2022

What part have parenting and media panic played in Zoomers' apocalyptic anxieties?

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AREO. 4, January 2023

Every act, no matter how noble it's intentions, has unintended consequences.  Eco-activism is backfiring.


Psychology Today, April 15, 2019

How virtue signalling online makes us blind to real life outcomes.

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AREO. 27, August 2020

The history of Utopian Fiction proves that we can’t even imagine a better world, let alone put these ideas into practice

Quillette. 31 Mar, 2019

On the 90th Birthday of the Czech dissident - a warning: that new technologies-of-forgetting are enabling the return of totalitarianism. 


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Ewan Morrison has also written for The Independent, La Repubblica, The Scotsman, The Daily Mail, New Statesman, GQ, Esquire, Arena, Mute, PJ Media, The Erotic Review, London Magazine, The Edinburgh Review, 3 AM Magazine, Writer's Digest, The List, BBC Media, Sceptical Scot, Alba and Frieze. Morrison was a weekly columnist for Scotland on Sunday from 2009-2011. 

"A writer of serious intent and
prodigious talent"


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