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'How To Survive Everything is a gritty and (tragically) cool novel. The collision of a broken family and a global pandemic, it reads as a survival guide and feels like (is) a warning.'


'Urgent and exciting, harnessing our current global anxiety with a beautifully observed family drama.' ATOM EGOYAN

“As compelling as it is harrowing. A pandemic novel that reads like 10 Cloverfield Lane meets A Quiet Place.'


NINA X reviews

  • ‘Sensational. Like nothing I’ve ever read. A tour de force’ Ian Rankin


  • ‘Chilling. Compelling’ Lionel Shriver


  • ‘An amazing book. There are few writers left in Britain who have his ambition, vision and empathy. Nina is marvellous creation and this is an important novel’ Irvine Welsh


  • ‘Brilliant, funny, clever, inspired, really powerful and also moving. A literary tour de force.’ Fay Weldon




From the Sunday Times

‘Literary gold…Morrison has published his masterpiece.’



From the Observer (Book of the Day)

‘Convincing, moving and successful. It is also extremely funny... [Nina X explores] the boundaries of the self, the clash between extremes of historical attempts at collectivism and the hyper-individualism of contemporary society . . . It’s Nina’s voice…that really sets this book apart, as Morrison seeks to represent the deep traumas of Nina’s upbringing…. Morrison asks us to examine what is meant by freedom and how not all forms of control are visible’


From The Irish Times

Darkly, heartbreakingly funny, Nina X is an assured new work from an author writing with a justified confidence.


From The Big Issue

‘The narrative voice in Nina X is an absolute triumph – completely unique and yet empathetic and familiar at the same time…At heart, this is an emotional story about trauma and survival, but it’s funny along the way too… A wonderful, disturbing, brilliant book.’


From Scotland on Sunday
‘A parable for our times. His most brutal and innovative novel. Challenging, horrific and visceral. Most importantly, apart from being humane and experimental, it is also deeply, deeply serious.  Judges of Prizes, take note’


The Literary Sofa – Summer reads 2019

‘Nina’s story hit me hard; both her ignorance and deprivation whilst isolated from the outside world and the shock of being exposed to it as an adult were brilliantly and movingly depicted. I am rarely convinced or comfortable with men portraying intimate female experience but this was handled with insight and sensitivity.’


‘An absorbing novel about a woman growing up in a Maoist cult.’

Books from Scotland

‘There are few writers who deal as intelligently, courageously, and often confrontationally, with the modern world as Morrison does. Nina X is not simply an examination of nature versus nurture, but rather how a vulnerable mind can be pulled apart by conflict and confusion, and that human frailties (a term which seems horribly inadequate) such as envy, lust, jealously, hubris, anger and pride guarantee failure. The portrayal of Nina/The Project is as complex as it is heart breaking, with a long-suppressed individual voice trying to break through, to be heard and understood. As artistic as he is antagonistic, he believes in intellectual discourse and the rigorous thinking that accompanies it. Nina X is a reminder that the best writing should challenge and confront, and that there are few who do this as well as Ewan Morrison. He asks the questions that others avoid, or would never even think of asking, and offers no easy answers in return. This doesn’t always make his novels easy reads, but it does make them important ones and I know which I prefer every time.’


From Saturday Review on Radio 4:


  • ‘I think it’s brilliant. I really enjoyed it. I found it very funny and often moving’ Alex Preston 


  • ‘I think it’s such an intellectually fair book. Refreshingly honest…moving. I’m very impressed’ John Tusa


  •  ‘Fascinating…a very high concept book’ Oliver Jones